Multimedia Lesson Four: Asking About Family I

Use the controls above to play this video.

Listen once. This video is quite short and you should be able to tell right away what the interviewer's questions are, as well as the woman's answers.

Listen again. Now listen a third time, pausing the video after each question/answer and repeating each segment of the conversation yourself. With the video off, repeat the questions/answers until you have them memorized. If you need to watch the video additional times to do this, that's fine.

Finally, listen one more time, this time reciting the appropriate question/answer before it occurs in the video (pause the video in the appropriate places).

Your assignment: based on the way the woman answers in the video, create your own answers to the interviewer's questions, based on the reality of your own life. Practice your answers again and again, you'll be called upon to produce them many, many times in your interactions with Cambodians!

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