Extreme Khmer Episode One Extras

Here's a video taped for Episode One which didn't make the final cut, due to time and format considerations. It's an interview with a woman who works in PP Bar--the one owned by "Beer," the featured interviewee in the episode--who's from Buriram, a Thai province which borders on Surin.

You'll notice that Buriram dialect is a bit different from Surin dialect; it's probably the dialect of Khmer farthest from Central Khmer. This is compounded by the fact that this woman has only been in Bangkok a short time, so her speech is less adapted to communicating in multiple contexts than Beer's, who's lived in the "big city" quite a long time.

Don't be frustrated if there's a lot you can't understand in her speech. The interview is short, and a rare chance for you to hear a very distinctive dialect of spoken Khmer. Download the accompanying PDF document for additional info on her pronunciation and vocabulary.

  • Notes on Buriram Khmer
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